Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money
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Welcome! If you’re reading this, you’ve been referred to us by an existing Royalty Rewards® Client.

Being an Independent Business Owner is tough and trying to market your business is even harder.  At Royalty Rewards®, we’ve been providing proven marketing solutions designed specifically for businesses like yours, for over 20 years.

If you’re ready to build the business (and life!) you always dreamed of, check out this short video, listen to some of our existing happy clients below and schedule a time to talk with us.  

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Words from just a few of our happy clients...

"Before, we could introduce somebody to a product but we didn’t how to bring them back into the store again. Royalty Rewards® solves that problem and it’s been very effective over the last 13 years, it brings them back time and time again.

It's a huge load off my mind that I've got an automated program running all of my marketing. What really puts a smile on my face is that they come back and the cash register’s ringing, and it's a much higher dollar amount then I see from somebody who's not in the program. You can't do anything more risk free than a free trial and I found a significant bump in sales right away."

Alan Glasser

Marks Pharmacy, Delta, BC
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"Working with our Coach, we are able to quickly add or eliminate marketing to maximize results.  Having an accurate and up-to-date list of 80% of all our active customers with email, text and mailing address makes communicating with them fast and effective. Royalty Rewards® helped turn what could have been the end of our business into a profitable year."

Rolf T. Williams

Jerrol's, Ellensburg, WA
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